Polymer Materials

We’re able to offer customers a comprehensive range of materials to meet their plastic printing needs.









With the UK’s largest polymer additive manufacturing (AM) facility, we use selective laser sintering (SLS) materials Nylon 12, Glass-Filled Nylon 12, Flame Retardant Nylon 12 and ‘Tough Black’ PA 1102 to produce plastic 3D printed parts.  All our polymer materials provide long-term stability, strength and durability.

Nylon 12

Nylon 12 parts have good long term stability, offering resistance to most chemicals. Complexity is irrelevant.

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Glass filled Nylon 12

Glass filled variant of Nylon 12 provides greater rigidity, perfect when prototyping rigid parts intended for production in advanced engineering thermoplastics, and is the right choice for functional testing.

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Tough Black PA 1102

Tough Black PA1102, made from a renewable resource, castor bean, is a flexible product making it particularly suited to production of end use parts requiring flex or which have living hinges, clips, latches or other closures.

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Flame Retardant Nylon PA 2241 FR

PA 2241 FR is a flame retardant polyamide 12 for processing in laser sintering systems. It contains a halogen based flame retardant. Mainly due to its recyclability, the material is economical, enabling low-cost part production.

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